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Your Deal Came Online.......Hurray!!!

I had been looking around for my next deal as the one I’ve been on was nearing its end. I got to know about FPL through the Martin Lewis site Money Saving Expert and I always look out for any of their collective switches. The recent one for them had British Gas down as the best deal for me in my area but I was bit reluctant to change to them as I’ve been very happy with Eon. Their next best was a deal with Eon that would save me around £40 pa and would be very close to the British Gas deal but without having to change. As you had this deal coming up I thought I’d wait to see what it was like and how it compared. Just before your deal was ready for reveal I checked the Eon deal I’d seen when on MSE site but Eon had changed their tariffs and their next version would be much more than I am currently paying. I was bit annoyed at myself for not taking the Eon earlier version before it had expired. Your deal then came online…………………HURRAY!!!! I couldn’t quite believe that the deal on your collective was with Eon and was even a tiny bit better than the one I thought I’d missed out on. I have of course signed up with your collective deal with Eon for the Dual Fuel DD deal. I just wanted to write to express my thanks for all your work and the team for getting this deal. Keep up the good work. It's really appreciated. Carol Brownlee
Carol Brownlee

R Shemilt from Bude. (Saving £250)

“When I last switched over 10 years ago it took over 6 months for things to be sorted out, double billing was a particular problem. This time it all went very smoothly with no problems and excellent com's from both suppliers. I look forward to next year's deal. The saving was a very important issue for be being disabled and on benefits.”

VC from Truro

“Felt a bit stupid that I didn't do it sooner. Previous online comparison sites never showed much of a saving so I didn't think it was worth the hassle. However with the collective my direct debit was instantly reduced, and after just 6 weeks my first meter reading has put me £25 in credit...long may it continue, and big thanks to CES for getting a good deal!”

Jill Fernando

Dom and Jill Fernando have made savings of £186 since switching energy supplier with Manchester Big Switch. They felt that despite being loyal customers for years, they were getting a raw deal from their old energy supplier.

“I just don’t think all these energy companies are transparent enough,” said Jill. “They report massive profits and make savings of their own, but these savings are never passed on to customers, especially if you’ve been with them for a long time.” After seeing an advert for the Collective on their local council’s website, they realised that much cheaper tariffs were available to them elsewhere.

Dom says, “Switching turned out to be really easy, and took very little time.” “The new guys have been good so far, and the customer service has noticeably improved since we switched, with very quick email responses about meter readings.” The money they’ve saved will be added to their spending pot for their upcoming holiday. Dom and Jill are prime examples of why researching energy suppliers to look for the best deals pays dividends, and are two of the thousands of happy readers who have saved money on their energy bills with us.

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